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James Mathers
Founder of DCS, Cinematographer
Review of Infinity Lenses

Bill Bennett
ASC, Cinematographer
Review of Infinity Lenses

Brent Ramsey
Infinity Photo-Optical
TS-160 System Introduction

Steve Giralt
DP – The Garage
Commercial Shoot – Funny

“I have never achieved this kind of depth nor detail without softening at such a magnification with all the systems I have used in the past … absolutely staggering.”
Paul Harcourt Davies – DP
Italy – Web Link
“I used the ROBUSTO TS-160 on product commercials and I can assure you that no other lens does what the TS-160 can do.”
Roberto Laguna Ditleff – DP
Brazil – Web Link
“I have never shot with anything like it…I love this lens!!”
Scott Portingale – DP
Canada – Web Link
“The InfiniProbe TS-160 is a lens like no other. It is a universal format system which can work on multiple mounts.”
Barry Bassett – VMI
United Kingdom – Web Link