TS-160 Advanced lenses & special effects system

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TS-160 Lens System

System Components

the ts-160 lens system has so many options

Product Commercials

The TS-160 System can shoot incredible high-resolution video for commercial production. Full-frame and S-35 are achievable. Food, beverage, technology, cosmetic and many more commercial videos have been shot with the TS-160 System.
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With many different lenses and add-ons, you really do have “A Studio in a Lens Case.” Many lens options are available. Create an awesome short film with the 45° and 90° prism lens adapters. Do cool effects like forced-perspective with Infinity lenses.

Tabletop Photography

High resolution, crystal-clear stills can be done with the TS-160 System. Product photography and cinematography – all in one! Film your commercial and shoot your high-resolution product images all with one lens system.

Nature Photography

Insects, flowers and landscapes can be photographed with our advanced objective lenses and prisms. Deep focus and forced-perspective are one of the many benefits of the TS-160 System.
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Infinity lenses can be used to take video and images with deep depth of field. Check out the deep-depth capabilities created by using the TS-160 System.

Robotic Arms & Drones

No focus-pulling is needed when you use Infinity lenses on robotic arms (and drones, testing). Stay in focus all the way through your shot and look superb!