SFX-2 Objective Lens

50mm lens when focused to infinity can hold sharp focus from INFINITY to 15cm (c.6in)

Assembled Weight: 443.4g (15.64oz)
Assembled Length: 232.1mm (9.14in)
Diameter: 48mm (1.89in)

  • This is the lens used to create the forced perspective in the Museum of Extinction video, link below.

  • Watch the behind-the-scenes interview videos with DP Peter Chapman
SFX-2 Objective Lens

Butter Spread
Ronaldo Moreira
Lens Used: TS-160 & SFX-2

The Museum of Extinction
Peter Chapman Cinematographer
Lens Used: TS-160 Lens System

Nicholas DeSciosce (former LOOK magazine photographer) took these fence still images with the TS-160 and the SFX-2 lens (click on image to enlarge)

Estee Lauder Commercial
Avi Karpick DP
Lens Used: TS-160 w/ SFX-2 Objective

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