Robotic Arm Use

The TS-160 lens gives focus freedom to robotic arm setups

  • Robotic Arms have become a significant tool for the repeat movements they provide to accomplish a special view of a product or item.

  • No other lens can do what the TS-160 Lens System can. When conventional lenses are used, the toughest part of the arm maneuver is to follow-focus the lens, a very demanding skill.

  • Using the TS-160 with Micro HM or any of the SFX-1, 2, 3 lenses, you set the focus to Infinity or to the farthest object and these lenses will hold focus throughout the manuever. No longer will you need to follow-focus during the scene.

The TS-160 can be used on Robotic Arms to create unique video commercials and cinematography content

Swatch Watch Commercial
Adam Voorhes
Lens Used: TS-160 w/ Micro HM Objective

Robotic Arm
Bill Bennett, ASC Cinematographer
Lens Used: TS-160 w/ Micro HM Objective

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