Macro PRO Lens

Use as a 4x Macro lens at 32mm (1.25in) to create unique close-up photography

Assembled Weight: 372.4g (13.14oz)
Assembled Length: 169.8mm (6.69in)
Diameter: 48mm (1.89in)

  • Used by Nature Photographers worldwide for 4x (times) magnification
  • Use as 135mm Telephoto lens and focus on a face to produce an outstanding portrait.
Macro Pro Lens
The Camera Division in action using the Macro Pro Lens to show incredible detailed and up close images.

Macro Pro Video
Cameron Cannon, Cinematographer
Lens Used: TS-160 w/ Macro Pro Objective

James Mathers (DCS) using the Macro Pro lens shooting bees and nature photography with the TS-160.

Macro Pro Video
James Mathers, Cinematographer and DCS Founder
Lens Used: TS-160 w/ Macro Pro Objective

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