Use a FlipR to invert the upside-down image created by the SFX-1, 2, 3 + Micro HM

Assembled Weight: 717.4g (25.3oz)
Assembled Length: 300.3mm (11.82in)
Diameter: 48mm (1.89in)

  • The FlipR employs a double aspheric lens design to invert images
  • Images are recorded in-camera exactly as you see them
  • Doubles as an extension tube without any noticeable loss of light
FlipR being used to invert the image and as an extension tube

The FlipR being used in our TS-160 Lens System Set Up and Overview video

TS-160 Instructional Video
Brent Ramsey
Lens Used: FlipR w/ Macro Pro

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