DipR™ Submersible Lens. See the watch image on the monitor close-up.
Lens Operating Ranges Table

Technical Specifications:

Focal Length: 60mm Macro
Magnification: 2X @ 10mm (0.4in)
Focus Range: 5mm (0.2in) to infinity
Full-Frame: 43mmØ
Focus Gear: Precision 64T Follow 0.8 Pitch (32tpi)
Overall Length: 409.27mm (16in)
Lens Diameter: 52mm (2in)
Weight: 0.907kg (2lbs)
Lens Mount: T2 threads, PL and all Still lens mounts.
Submersible to 10 inches.

  • The DipR™ is the latest addition to the Infinity TS-160 Lens System.
  • The DipR™ is a submersible lens to 25.4cm (10in) and can be used in and out of the water.
  • The DipR™ has a Hydrophobic front element that instantly sheds water droplets.
  • The DipR™ maintains deep focus from infinity to 11cm (4.33in).
  • The DipR™ covers Full Frame and can focus to 2X macro.

Includes Lens, PL Mount, Cap and Case.

DipR™ Full Assembly.
Infinity DipR™ working out of water, notice the deep focus in the monitor.
Infinity DipR™ Hydrophobic Aspheric System.
Infinity DipR™ focused on an underwater dive watch.
Infinity DipR™ front of lens.

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